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Public Access Kiosks

Main Features

In addition to tracking Internet behavior of home users, the iDiary system was adapted to track users of public access kiosks and terminals, and collect demographic and opinion data from them.
The system can track behavior at all kiosks in a network, or a representative sample.
The system can be set to track all users at a public access kiosk, or a representative sample of users.
If a representative sample is required, public access users are selected in a scientific manner such that all sample results can be extrapolated to the Natural Population of all users.
The sampling rate, content of questionnaires, and other features of the system can be remotely controlled via the Internet, eliminating the need for costly field trips to reinstall software upgrades, new questionnaires, or new tracking parameters.

iDiary Applications

The iDiary system has been used in pioneering research studies of public access Internet computers (kiosks and computer terminals) by the Government of Canada.

Example #1 -- The InfoCentre Pilot Project

The InfoCentre Pilot Project was led by PWGSC and HRDC and included 20 federal ministries as partners. It consisted of about 100 kiosks distributed in rural communities across Canada. The kiosks provided rural Canadians with free and easy access to information on federal government programs and services. The iDiary system was used to track user behavior, identify respondent demographics, and capture qualitative data regarding the design and navigational features of the InfoCentre web site.

Example #2 -- Service Canada Access Centres Pilot Project

The Service Canada Access Centres initiative was led by Treasury Board Secretariat and included 11 federal ministries as partners. The initiative was designed to provide Canadians access a broad range of information on federal government programs and services from "one-stop shopping" locations across Canada. These locations included public access Internet terminals and were manned by service providers who assisted Canadians in the use of these terminals. The iDiary system was used to track user behavior and identify respondent demographics from a representative sample of users.

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